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Advertising to existing audiences

We created fun, snappy video for Trane Commercial to spotlight a service its existing customers weren’t aware of.

The Challenge

Create an entertaining video informing customers that Trane’s got their back when unforeseen circumstances strike — no matter where or how.


Trane has been a leader in the HVAC space for the better part of a century — and for much of that time, Trane’s Rental Services has worked to provide power, cooling, and heating on a moment’s notice — often in less-than-ideal situations. They’ve powered hospitals crippled by hurricanes and kept sugar beet mini-mountains cool as they wait to go to market. They even airdropped a chiller on the 30th floor of a skyscraper in Lower Manhattan.

However, most of Trane’s commercial customers weren’t aware of the Rental Services business. Trane tasked us to create a quick, captivating video that helped customers understand how renting from Trane can keep business going when electricity gets knocked out.

Our work

When we need to pack a lot of information into a short amount of time, we love the spokesperson approach. It allows us to tailor a tight message and infuse the video with character.

We played up the humor by pairing a no-nonsense protagonist with simple props, and a fun bossa nova bassline. Quick edits and shots of all the equipment you could ever want to rent allowed us to keep with the snappy tone while showcasing the products and staying on-strategy.

The result? Well, this is the video we get asked about the most. And Trane loved it so much they hired our deadpan detail deliverer to host their Rental Services 25th anniversary event. Now that’s a lotta juice!

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