We are foragers.

At Upswing, we believe deeply in the power of the message.

Once you’ve locatedĀ the message, every creative activity flows from it. ButĀ the message is a wily character who hides in the shadows. Sometimes, we find it buried in an offhand comment. Other times, we locate it over there, behind the dustbin on the manufacturing floor. Often, we find it flattened under layers of corporatespeak and office politics.

The point is: we don’t stop until we find the message. We dive ever deeper to understand our clients, their products and services, their customers. We check our pride and ask innocent questions; we bring objective eyes and ears to every interaction. The knowledge we gain inspires the message and, in turn, the message informs the work.

We are distillers.

Our people are pathologically curious.

That means we thrive in organizations with complex products and services. We love talking to engineers, technicians and nerds of every stripe, trying to soak up everything they have to tell us. We love marketers, too, of course (have you read the letter?) and we even love your creative briefs (sometimes).

The magic happens when we combine all of it together and great ideas bubble up.

We are producers.

Oh, man, we like to produce.

Upswing Creative was born in video, an industry with innumerable moving parts and an outlandish level of detail. Our ability to produce a creative project on time and on budget rests on that legacy.