Who is Upswing Creative?

Upswing Creative is a message-first creative agency that helps B2B brands look and feel as brilliant as they’ve always been. From strategic messaging to commercial video, our work empowers clients to inspire audiences, build loyalty and create real business impact.

Upswing isn’t like other agencies. We’re a small team with a passion for true understanding, storytelling, and helping our clients shine their brightest. So if you’re looking for a strategic agency partner to reshape your creative and sharpen your message, then let’s talk.

We are pathologically curious

Once you’ve located the message, every creative activity flows from it. But the message is a wily character who hides in the shadows. Sometimes, we find it buried in an offhand comment. Other times, we spot it over there, behind the dustbin on the manufacturing floor. Often, we find it flattened under layers of corporatespeak and office politics.

At Upswing, we’ve mastered the art of finding the message. We thrive in organizations with complex products and services. We love talking to engineers, technicians and nerds of every stripe, trying to soak up everything they have to tell us. We love marketers, too, of course (have you read the letter?) and we even love your creative briefs (sometimes).

We’ll use all these insights to get at the heart of the message — and build complementary creative around it.

We are distillers

The world you work in is complicated — and without an ear for the essential, it’s easy to get swept away in the little details. So once we’ve gathered all the intel on your brand, we dive into the second phase of discovery: distillation.

Which ideas that you’ve shared with us will resonate with your audience for this project? How do we capture and convey them in a way that’s easy to understand? As we answer these questions, the message starts to take shape — and then the real fun can start.

We are producers

Great ideas can’t create impact until you pull them from the mind and into the world. That’s right; we’re talking about production. Blame it on our video background, but we love to produce — especially on projects that demand precision, attentiveness or terrible jokes.

We’re seasoned pros at managing every step of production, from creative execution to project management. That means we deliver each asset you need — always on time and on budget — with no hand-holding required. (You can still hold our hand, but only if you really like us.)

Our Values

  • Act with pure hearts
    Trust is the cornerstone of any strong relationship. We’ll build one with your team through openness, honesty and constructive feedback.
  • Have fun
    We live for clients who appreciate a good pun (and all of our bad ones as well). If you’re allergic to fun and laughter in the workplace, feel free to swipe left.
  • Foster meaningful relationships
    Call us old-fashioned, but we’re looking for something long-term. We’ll work hard every day to earn your appreciation and strengthen our partnership.
  • Do great work
    Good chemistry’s important — but we have to bring quality creative to earn our keep, too.  We’ll continue to innovate and adapt to deliver the thoughtful creative you deserve.

Our People

Upswing founders Josh Whitcomb and Chris Fink started their journey with a single goal: make a living creating videos. Between Chris’ background in journalism and Josh’s former career in corporate marketing, they had ample production chops, which slowly evolved into branding and messaging expertise over time.

As client needs expanded, so did our team of tight-knit creatives. Today, Upswing Creative is a full-fledged creative agency — comprised of the talented people pictured here:

Josh Whitcomb

Principal, Creative Director

Chris Fink

Principal, Creative Director — Video

Chrissy Little

Chrissy Little

Director of Accounts

Riley Farrell

Art Director

Josie Dighton - Project Manager

Josie Dighton

Project Manager

Tom Schmidt - Director of Video

Tom Schmidt

Director of Video

Kelsey Gavnik

Content Strategist

Michelle Kopp

Brand Strategist

Our Clients

At Upswing Creative, we work with a range of brands in the essential products and services industries. Our clients, embrace message first marketing, and take their work seriously — but aren’t afraid to have fun when the moment’s right. If that description suits you, then we will, too!

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