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GE Appliances

Leveraging 3D Animation

We created a 3D animation that showcased GEA’s unique mixing valve technology to distributor audiences.

The Challenge

Create a video that illustrates how a product works — without disassembling any equipment.


GE Appliances brings best-in-class technology to all of its products — and its line of RealMAX™ atmospheric water heaters is no exception. The line’s Flex Capacity technology includes the industry’s first and only controllable integrated electronic mixing valve, which can provide up to 60% more hot water compared to comparable models. To help distributors and technicians understand the technology, GEA called on Upswing to create a video that broke it down.

Our work

To bring mixing valve technology to life on screen, we’d need to create a detailed 3D animation — but first, we had to become experts on Flex Capacity and RealMAX™ water heaters. Creating a video based on the inner machinations of a machine we couldn’t take apart would require in-depth discovery. We met with GEA subject matter experts to get to know the technology from the inside out, all while working with engineers and CAD files to develop realistic 3D renders. The result was a polished, comprehensive video that gave an inside story on how RealMAX™ water heaters work — and why they’re the best in the industry.

Work with an agency that’s not afraid to get in the weeds.

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