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GE Appliances

Creating a standout message

We developed a message-first video for RealMAX water heaters that helped GE Appliances stand out as it re-entered the water heater market.

The Challenge

Craft story-driven video content for GE Appliances (GEA) that positions it as a leading water heater manufacturer, despite only recently re-entering the market.

The Solution

Center the hard-working people and small-town ethos behind RealMAX™ production and differentiating features to set GEA apart from its competitors.

The Outcome

A down-to-earth, people-first video that emphasizes the RealMAX™ promise of authenticity, performance, and reliability.


Over the years, GE Appliances has built impeccable brand recognition and a reputation for high-quality products; their appliances are found in 50% of homes in the United States.1

In 2019, GEA’s Air and Water Solutions division announced a $60 million investment in the water heater space, completely reimagining an old refrigerator plant in Camden, South Carolina and transforming it into a Manufacturing Center of Excellence for their new RealMAX line of atmospheric water heaters.

Our work

Even though GE Appliances’ eminence is well-established, other manufacturers enjoyed a head start in the water heater space. We crafted a story around RealMAX’s reasons to believe — higher-temperature burners, industry-leading warranties, and a full portfolio of water heaters to name a few.

We set the scene with images of Camden and a voiced script connecting small town ideals — honest people doing an honest day’s work — to RealMAX’s authentic features: warranties that stand behind the quality and Real Capacity, which means (unlike many competitive units) this 50-gallon water heater actually holds 50 gallons.

Finally, we paired the video with simple animations to reinforce features and a custom music score to bring the story to life.


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