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Trane Commercial

Representing an industry

We created commercial video for Trane that spotlights the benefits of a career in HVAC.

The Challenge

Develop video content aimed at millennial audiences that dispels myths around what it means to work in HVAC, reframing it as well-paying, tech-forward, and purpose-driven work.


You’ll find Trane HVAC equipment in buildings all across the world, from single-family homes in Europe to the Washington Monument. With so much equipment to service, HVAC techs are in high demand — however, there’s a significant labor shortage in the industry.

Obviously, that’s a problem for our friends at Trane, who rely on the next generation of technicians to help them maintain the world’s heating and cooling systems.

Trane asked us to create a video targeting young prospective technicians as well as high schoolers (and their parents) who might be looking for a different path to a secure and rewarding career.

Our work

Trane asked us to execute a “day-in-the-life” video concept, with visuals focusing on safety equipment and technology and finishing with a testimonial from a current technician. Since we’re relentlessly obsessed with message-first marketing, we dug deeper to see if we could make a bigger impact.

We interviewed Trane technicians around the country and discovered a recurring theme: that because of the nature of their job (fixing the A/C on a sweltering day, or getting the heat back on so a store can re-open), these technicians are seen as heroes by their customers. Working with that theme, we proposed an anthemic twist on the original concept, framing techs in a “hero” role and emphasizing the sophistication and importance of the job.

We set the scene with a variety of locations — from a breakroom to a training room; from a baseball stadium to a corporate location — and let our interviews serve as inspiration for the script, right down to a group of preschoolers singing their appreciation to our tech. The result is a video with subtle lifestyle touches that puts two Trane heroes front and center. Prospective technicians see variety, autonomy, technology and interesting work within reach.

“People are loving the video. From the script-writing to the scene selection, it’s everything we wanted. It really captures our brand.

TRANE Marketing Leader

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