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Trane Commerical

An emotional spin on a scientific topic

We created a heartwarming video for Trane Commercial telling the story of the acoustic engineering behind its HVAC systems.

The Challenge

Create a video that takes a highly technical topic — acoustic engineering in Trane HVAC systems — and make it into an emotion-driven story that highlights the soul behind the science.


Trane Commercial produces HVAC equipment for all sorts of commercial buildings — including schools, where it’s important that heating and cooling systems don’t disrupt the soundscape of a classroom. A child’s hearing abilities are not fully developed until age 15, so it can be challenging for children to overcome sound interruptions from things like heating and cooling equipment, because they aren’t yet able to fill in the words they might miss. With this in mind, Trane asked us to create a video that emphasized the care that goes into engineering non-disruptive commercial HVAC equipment.

Our work

During discovery with Trane’s acoustics engineers, it was immediately obvious that they cared deeply about their work — but more than that, they cared about the impact their work could have on education. Many engineers were parents of school-aged children whose success in school depended on a heating and cooling system that wouldn’t disturb their learning.
We created a video with Trane engineers front and center, explaining the importance of a building’s acoustical performance and showcasing Trane’s expertise in the HVAC sphere. To round things off, we invited their kids to join them at work to add a little humanity and heart back into the content.

Work with an agency that adds heart to heavy industry.

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