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Trane Commercial

Using visuals to bolster the message

We created video with strategic color grading and textures that supported messaging around Trane’s new commercial thermostat.

The Challenge

Create a video that introduces Trane’s new commercial thermostat in a friendly, accessible way.


Trane HVAC equipment heats and cools some of the most famous structures on Earth — the Washington Monument, The Kremlin, and the 31 mile-long “Chunnel” that runs underneath the English Channel. However, until late 2018, they didn’t offer a smart thermostat designed specifically for commercial applications — meaning the contractors and service providers they partner with had no choice but to match Trane equipment with a competitor’s controls.

When Trane rolled out its first commercial thermostat, Pivot, the team asked us to help bring this new product to an already-saturated market through commercial video.

Our work

Trane has a loyal following. It’s known for a long history of quality and expertise. Even though the smart thermostat market is crowded, if our message could cut through the noise to reach the contractors and service providers that trust Trane, we’d be successful.

Visually, we chose a beautiful retail space with lots of color, texture and natural light, as well as a friendly, energetic spokeswoman to clearly lay out the features and benefits — from controllable setpoints to a mobile app that allows for remote access. The result was a video that feels friendly and accessible for commercial audiences across myriad industries.

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