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GE Appliances

Capturing audiences’ attention in no time flat

We created attention-grabbing print and video collateral for GE Appliances’s booth at the AHR Expo.

The Challenge

Create video content and supporting collateral that fall within corporate brand standards, while simultaneously feeling relatable, accessible, and inspiring for employees and potential new hires.


Every year, thousands of HVACR pros gather for the AHR Expo — an opportunity to show dealers and distributors the best and most innovative products in the air and water space. We created product one-pagers and a visual brand story for GEA’s 20’ x 9’ 8” video wall, the focal point of their booth at the 2022 Expo in Las Vegas.

Our work

For the main video, we integrated the look and feel of GEA’s physical booth into our design, using quick, kinetic animated transitions to match the excitement of Vegas. Since we were sharing GEA’s story with people who may only catch 5-10 seconds in passing, we highlighted each “reason to believe” with its own section, using simplified text and vivid visuals. We kept print collateral simple to cater to audiences who would likely only read the content upon picking it up. Short, anthemic copy and bold visuals communicated GEA’s commitment to HVAC professionals’ success in the marketplace.

Work with an agency who can capture your audiences’ attention in seconds.

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