Unifying a Global Brand
STANLEY Engineered Fastening


Stanley Engineered Fastening (SEF) — a division of Stanley Black & Decker — is a global leader in precision fastening and assembly tools. Customers trust SEF to provide essential components that strengthen and elevate products. 

But SEF had a problem. A history of mergers and acquisitions left their brand landscape cluttered with dozens of names and logos. Moreover, this clutter diluted  and obscured the equity established by some very strong names in their family of brands.

The Challenge

Create a unified global brand architecture, a polished aesthetic, and brand standards to convey precision and a focus on the future.

Message-First Moment

In our discovery sessions with SEF, we were blown away by both the precision required for two substrates to be joined together and the resulting power of the bond created. It’s an idea that fueled a brand-unifying moment — when a new mark was born: we call it “The Connector.”

What We Made

Based on an extensive research project commissioned by SEF, we developed a strategy to form a tighter family of strategic brands, comprising five legacy brands and two new brands, which would operate  in new/different market segments. Once we landed on a new brand architecture, we undertook creating visual identities for each brand that felt both distinct and familial.

With gleaming new logos and an ownable visual element in hand, we refreshed every piece of collateral for SEF and the strategic brands — from sales tools and signage to product packaging and displays.

Finally, we put it all together in a gorgeous, glossy, 160-page book, spelling out — in exhaustive detail — new global brand standards and guidelines to propel Stanley Engineered Fastening into its second century.

What They Said

Upswing transformed the brand from a mixture of disjointed, uninteresting elements to an elegant, cohesive story with a stunning visual identity and impactful, concise messaging that resonated with our global customers and key business stakeholders. – Curran Ethridge, VP Marketing and Customer Experience at Stanley Engineered Fastening