The Battle Against Antibiotic Resistance
General Probiotics


We love diving deep to learn more about the incredible things our clients are doing. In this case, we waded into the pool of bacteria floating around in our collective guts.

Dr. Yiannis Kaznessis is a Chemical Engineering researcher at the University of Minnesota and he’s on a mission to eliminate the more than 700,000 deaths caused annually by antibiotic resistance — an uphill battle, given the prevalent use of antibiotics in our food supply.

His company, General Probiotics, needed help stating their case to investors in a simple, engaging way. Luckily, our entire team earned Communication degrees with Chemical Engineering minors. (Well, that last bit might be bragging. Or exaggerated. Or totally untrue).

The Challenge

Create a 60-second video that serves as an elevator pitch to help them solicit investments and win grants vital to continuing their research and development.

Our Approach

In our discovery sessions with the General Probiotics team, it was obvious how passionate they were for the work but, just as critically, we noted that they could speak plainly about the health crisis they aim to combat and the complex solution they provide.

It is so powerful to hear directly from experts who can tell an engaging story, so we crafted a video driven by our interviews with the researchers at General Probiotics and blended it with beautiful b-roll of them working in their scientific environments.

The result is a tight, 60-second spot that distills a complicated issue in a compelling way.