Keeping Basements Dry
Church Mutual Insurance Company


So many of the buildings protected by Church Mutual Insurance Company may go two, three or even seven (gasp!) days without anyone stopping by. So, if a church furnace fails on a Monday in January, the frozen pipes on Tuesday will turn into a basement wading pool by Wednesday.

In fact, thousands of Church Mutual’s policyholders experience frozen pipe- or water-related damage each year.

That statistic didn’t sit well at Church Mutual’s home office in Merrill, Wisconsin, and so, in 2017, they began offering free water, temperature, and pipe sensors to their policyholders. In keeping with the modern era, these sensors are “smart” and send proactive alerts if a potentially dangerous situation is developing.

The problem? Not a lot of folks were signing up, and those who did just let the sensors sit on their desk because “it’s one more thing to keep track of.”

The Challenge

Create a short video to describe the sensor program, encourage customers to request the sensors, show them how easy they are to install, and remind them that the program is free (free!).

Our Approach

Taking a cue from focus groups who loved that the program is free to join and that the sensors are easy to install, we created a video that is one part straightforward message (our specialty) one part no-nonsense spokesperson (we knew a guy) and one part subtle humor (we Googled “understated temperature sensor jokes”).

From a visual perspective, we used overlaid graphics to highlight the smart capabilities of the sensors and we placed our talent in relevant environments that we knew would resonate with the target audience.

Did it work? Just ask Cheryl Kryshak, the former Vice President of Risk Control at CMIC: “Once again you have delivered a quality product, adding humor and getting to the point. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you will deliver.”