Going Beyond


When you’ve been around as long as Trane, it’s almost inevitable that the company you were a century ago will need to evolve or reinvent itself.

For 155 years, Western Union was America’s go-to company for telegrams; now, they’re best known for wiring money. For 58 years, Warren Buffett’s investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, manufactured textiles. And in the 1830s, the company we know as Shell Oil was in the business of…importing decorative seashells.

Trane traces its roots back to 1885, when James Trane started a plumbing and pipe-fitting service in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Over the years, it grew into a global manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Now, as we experience unprecedented technological advancement and the Internet of Things permeates our daily lives, Trane is evolving into the industry leader in connected buildings.

The Challenge

Create a video introducing Trane’s evolution into a connected buildings company while incorporating their refreshed brand look and feel.

Our Approach

As Trane repositioned from an HVAC equipment manufacturer to an organization of building and data experts, we wrote a script that put buildings, data, and people front and center.

In production, we used three spokespeople in different locations (via green screen magic) to help emphasize that 1) Trane is an expert in all kinds of buildings and 2) Trane’s people are the ones that help you “go beyond.”

Trane’s in-house graphics team added their new “energy beam” brand elements and we wrote a custom score that bolstered the reflective nature of the script.

The result is highly-polished showpiece that Trane used to introduce their new brand.