A Brighter Approach
Werner Electric


Werner Electric has been in the electrical distribution business since 1920 — before most American homes even had electricity. To survive that long distributing electrical parts, you’ve got to do more than just distribute electrical parts; and, for Werner, it’s all about the human element.

Werner is well-known in the Upper Midwest for supplying contractors — from mom and pop shops to big, corporate builders — with everything electrical you’d need to construct a building. But, in that range of companies served by Werner, there’s a sweet spot in their lighting and controls business. Werner Electric is a mid-size contractor’s best friend because they will handle design, supplying, shipping, staging and storing for a mid-sized contractor’s lighting and controls jobs, freeing the contractor up to focus on customer service and growing their business.

Sounds great, right? We think so, too. Except those mid-size contractors generally didn’t know that Werner’s in-house experts can take whole projects off their plate, and — because this is their specialty — knock it out of the park.

The Challenge

Develop a campaign focused on informing mid-size contractors about Werner’s lighting and controls capabilities.

Our Approach

We conducted extensive discovery — sitting with Werner’s lighting experts, studying the competition, and researching the folks they wanted to reach — which we used to create high-level messaging and strategy.

From there, as part of the campaign’s first phase, we created a industrial-themed, brand-centric brochure that helps explain all that Werner offers from a lighting and controls perspective. We complemented the print piece with a phased e-mail approach and corresponding web copy.

Because Werner makes a very complicated process (lighting and controls for commercial buildings) simple, we wanted to convey that same feeling in this brochure. We created an custom, illustrated graphic that walks the reader through the entire project lifecycle, from spec, design and budgeting, to inventory inspection, delivery and installation, and finally, ongoing support, flexible payment terms and warranty support.

The result is a multi-channel campaign that creates awareness and helps reps explain in simple terms all that Werner has to offer in the lighting and controls space.