A video series from Upswing Creative

On the Upswing is a regular(ish) video series from Upswing Creative. Check ’em out!

Episode 1: Introduction

Introducing the On The Upswing video series.

Episode 2: Pure Hearts

At Upswing Creative, everything we do starts with the things we value. Check out this video to learn about the first of our four values.

Episode 3: Animation

You might say there are lots of reasons you can’t create a marketing video right now but we’ve got 2(D) or 3(D) reasons you can!

Episode 4: Have Fun

At Upswing Creative, pulling pranks and testing out puns are just as much a part of our work as refreshing brands and shooting videos. In fact, having fun is a mandate!

Episode 5: Message-First Marketing

We believe that the message is the most important thing but often the message is crowded out, lost in an overreaching artistic concept, or overshadowed by excessive drone shots and special effects.

Episode 6: Create Meaningful Relationships

The most important thing we’ve learned: great work is the result of great client-agency relationships.

Episode 7: How Much Does A Video Cost?

This is the question we get asked most often…and we’re here with answers.

Episode 8: The Upswing Video Process

Never included video in your marketing efforts? Fear not! The Upswing Creative Video Process breaks it down into bite-size pieces (spoiler alert: we do most of the work).

Episode 9: Do Great Work

We take our work seriously and personally (for better or for worse), so our fourth and final value is inherent (and aspirational!) to everyone at Upswing.